eBay Bid Zone

Ebay challenged us to reinvent the checkout success page on their mobile app. Our goal was to re-engage users at this drop off point. For two weeks during my master's program, I worked together with three other designers.
Contest Finalist for the 2015 Ebay Design Challenge
Our Design
Your order has been placed, now what?
Customers typically exit after completing the checkout process, but now there's a reason to stay with the Bid Zone
Welcome to the Bid Zone
Discover exciting, always changing offers that are personalized just for you
Manage your bids
View current bids, wins, and losses within a fast paced environment
Come back for more
With always changing offers from the Bid Zone, there's always a reason to log on. What will you find next?
Design Process
Understanding Problem Space
Since our problem was clear (design an experience to keep customers on eBay after they purchase a product), we needed to better understand who exactly their customers were. Luckily for us, eBay offered us research on their four key customer groups:
  • The Reveler - Personal shopper exploring for novel purchases
  • The Seeker - Detail-oriented, wants to know several options
  • The Winner - Has fun finding the best deal, enjoys winning items
  • The Mission Driven - Does not enjoy shopping, but diligent in doing it properly.
For the purpose of this project, our team wanted to narrow our focus to one group. We chose the "Winners" of Ebay because we believed this group defined what makes Ebay special at it's core: the ability to sell and win auctions.
Designing for the "Winner" group (photo provided from Pexels.com)
Asking the right questions
Before diving straight into design, I wanted to understand our user group better. To do this, we used Golden questions as a design method to thoroughly analyze and think deeply about the problem space from the "Winners" perspective.

Golden Questions allowed us to come up with several quality ideas through questions. For example, we asked questions such as: what would excite the "Winner?" And, why are people closing the ebay app/website when they finish shopping?
Documentation of the golden questions
Idea Generation and Brainstorming
Our team worked independently to come up with some ideas. Then we came together as a group to pitch them to each other. After pitching, we decided to eventually focus on ones that met the needs of the "Winner" group. Here were some of the concepts we pitched:
  • Bid Zone - A new feature that highlighted competitive items ending within 5 minutes, already having bids.
  • Twitter Integration - Using twitter to advertise Ebay products through linking items for auction.
  • Budgeting Tool - A new feature that allows people to create specific lists and budget for them.
  • Ebay Package - A new feature that allows people create and customize the design of their package
  • Ebay Flyers - A new platform that placed flyers in customer's package to inform them of certain information.
Wireframes & Mockups
I challenged myself to improve my wireframing skills and ability to visually articulate myself. I wireframed 3 of the ideas to demonstrate how someone use it.
Wireframes for various concepts I created
Our team decided to pursue the Bid Zone instead of other ideas because it closely matched the "Winner" group and their needs.

The Bid Zone appears on the checkout success page because the user has already invested time and effort into making a purchase. They are shown items they could potentially lose and it will have a psychological impact on them.
Final wireframes for the Bid Zone
Final Thoughts
When we pitched our product to Ebay, we didn't clearly state how our design fit within the checkout process. Reflecting back on it, I realize that ultimately you need to deliver what the stakeholders are asking. This point stood out to me while I was wrapping up my semester in school.

Design is all about meeting the needs of others. If you are unable to meet the needs of your users or even your stakeholders, then it doesn't matter. For my future designs, I'll make sure to be clear as to how our product is meeting the needs of the stakeholders.
One of the final mockups