I'm currently leading the design of developer tools for the PlayStation Network SDK. Our team focuses on improving development and publishing workflows that game developers utilize to launch their games on PlayStation. On the side, I'm a freelance designer and developer for accessibility driven initiatives.
In the past, I led the design of web-based visualization tools for Crate & Barrel's ecommerce site and in-store experiences. In addition, I graduated from Indiana University's Masters Program in Human-Computer Interaction Design
For fun, you'll catch me prototyping new experiences, experimenting with hardware, or learning something new. I love the intersection of user experience, technology, and the physical world.
My Goals
1. Live Life to the Fullest
Meet new people, try new things, and most importantly... have fun!
2. Lifelong Learning
Possess a growth mindset and challenge myself to learn something new everyday.
3. Help Grow Others
Inspire and motivate others to become the best version of themselves.
4. Focus on Health + Wellbeing
Aim to maintain a well balanced life, which includes the mind, body, and spirit.
My Design Journey
Edward Monkton's Zen Dog - Mantra of my mentor
My story
This story includes the journey I've taken over the past several years.

My design journey began as a researcher, where i spent two years studying cognitive psychology. I focused on on conducting experimental research on dynamic cognition. I enjoyed observing participants and trying to understand behavior. After moderating a few labs, I realized I wanted to push the limits of my research skills by creating my own experiments. 

This led me to pursue a degree in Computer Information Systems, which enabled me to learn how to code. I started conducting new research experiments, programming video games for fun, making apps, and dabbling in hardware/electronics to see what’s possible. I loved exploring technology, but realized I was missing something from my creative endeavors. 

I ended up speaking with an advisor and he introduced me to the academic field of Human-Computer Interaction. Right away, I enrolled in a Usability course at my school to become educated on the topic. I took on an honors project, which required me to run usability tests of our schools website with deaf students. My mind was blown by how many designs were not accessible and it opened my eyes to how design could improve lives for all. This key moment inspired me to further my education in this field.

I joined Indiana University’s Master’s Program in Human-Computer Interaciton. I learned more on the topics of human behavior, interactive technologies, design theory, accessibility. These were some of the best two years of my life. I was able to grow as human being and mature into productive member of society with limitless potential.

After graduate school, I accepted a job to design visualization tools with Crate and Barrrel. I pursued this job because it required me to learn industries I've never explored before: retail and ecommerce. While working here, I was under the excellent tutelage of my design manager. She was a great teacher who helped me further my design and leadership skills.

I was soon leading design efforts for the web and in-store experiences, where I learned how to successfully embed myself in a product team. I spent two years here and it was a wonderful experience for me to improve my user research and interaction design skills. However, it was time for me to accelerate the growth of my design career. With that, I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles to pursue an opportunity with PlayStation.

My design journey is still going strong; the many stops along the way has molded me into a T-shaped designer. Currently, I'm a UX designer who leverages his skill sets in research, user-centered design, software development, and technology entrepreneurship to lead design efforts in the video game industry. I’m excited to see where the journey goes from here.

- Kevin